Diamond Online CEO Sheikh Mohammed hits back at the Liberian Music Industry

Sheikh Mohammed

Blogger Sheikh Mohammed has released a statement through his social media handle which unveils his anger of the Liberian Music Industry.

Read the statement below:

No disrespect but this Whole Industry is disorder. Those on top of the game have brutally reduced its value such that one cannot distinguish the fans from celebrities. There is also a lack of respect for those who have immensely contributed to making the game better. We are all volunteers but It’s funny that some behave like we are reaping millions from this industry. The Hate, Disrespect, and Backstabbing have increased to the extent that everyday there must be a drama.

It’s almost seven months in this industry and yet we as a people haven’t achieved anything substantial.

Far too often we murmur on the lack of investment in the industry but have we realize the bootless drama we raise on a daily basis? Everyone is just going scattered; gallivanting and prowling just for attention. All of the tireless work we have put in has come back to square one. Yes, I know people experience all of these in every industry but not when we are struggling, putting in more and getting less… Where is the plan for soaring to penetrate Africa? Where is the plan for International Collabo??? Where is the plan for creating an Avenue for Investors?? Where’s the plan for decentralization in order for everyone to benefit? Where’s the plan for standardizing various awards ceremony ?? Where’s the plan for building a theater?? Now, No answer. See how we looking, 11 plus years nothing tangible to brag about.

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