Diamond Online CEO Sheikh Mohammed pens letter to Bucky Raw

Sheikh Mohammed

CEO of Diamond Online, Sheikh Mohammed, has penned a letter to Liberian artiste Bucky Raw advising him to ignore “hate” comments and change thought that everyone should support his career.

According to the Liberia Music Union aspiring president, Bucky Raw’s response to people “hating” on him changes nothing but rather creates more hype.

Read the full letter below”

Dear BuckyRaw;

I would firstly like to appreciate you for the job well done over the past time. Your innovative charismatic and humble uniqueness can’t be doubted. It was through your hard work and versatility that Trapco hit the limelight and your legacy will keep blinking; not only for trapco but in the history of Liberian music. Before diving in, let me again congratulate you on your newest achievement for hitting number one in the “world genre” on iTunes.

Now Bucky, as a fan, supporter and investor in Liberian entertainment, I have always wished to see a positive change in our industry; a change that will help the game claim global recognition.
In this light, I want to acknowledge you that it’s next to impossible for someone to evade “Hate”. Hate is something that’s been existing from the day the world was created. I stand to be corrected but there are no Prophets, Human Right Activists, Leaders, Celebrities, Musicians or even Animals that have not been hated on. Hate is normality but successful and rational people used it as motivation to elevate more.
It about time you and your team focus more on your career. Stop being too sensitive to everything people say. Your response every time to what you called “Hate” changes nothing but create more hype.

Lastly, please understand that not everybody is going to like, support or Believe in your Dream. This is never going to happen!
There are people who will discourage you, reject you and even look down on you simply because you are trying to live your dream but don’t be overly concerned. Remain focused and don’t allow them to kill your dream. Concentrate your energy on working towards your dream to make it a reality. If there’s anybody to convince, that person is you. Believe in yourself and your dream.

I hope you will take this into consideration and erase the mentality that it’s Bucky Raw versus the world. Go back to the Bucky the fans used to know.

Respectfully yours,

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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