The TunesLiberia Music Awards recognize and celebrate musicians and industry players for their outstanding achievement, performance and contribution to the Liberian music industry.

On Saturday, the 23rd of February the long-awaited and much-hyped second edition of the awards was finally held at Monrovia City Hall. Liberian artistes, comedian and producers were consequently awarded in 30 different categories. But it is still the talk around town especially basing on the fact that a section of the public is not comfortable with the winners of some categories.

Well, we shall not sit back and give it deaf ears but rather jump on board and flash a light into the saga which has dragged for hours, since the awards ceremony. These awards were launched on December 24, and for the past months and half, organizers have been promoting it until the awards night.


Nominees were unveiled on Sunday the 20th of January, and this is actually the point when the questions from the public and sections started popping up as they alleged some artists were put in categories that did not suit them. Whereas some felt other artistes were in a way degraded because of the quality of the opponents. A good example was the “Best New Artist” that had Sammi Caine who was nominated with fast rising artistes MC Caro, J- Slught and Muzikal.

Many observers feel Sammi Caine was in a wrong category since he has been on the scene for a quite a longtime and has been doing well too. There were other categories that had nominees who did not deserve to be there in the first place.

One hot argument that has also been raised is that of CanC winning Dancehall and Reggae Artist award yet she has only one known Reggae song “Break It Down” Maybe she should have just won something like Best Reggae Song.

However, in the end, the public should not maybe blame the winners but instead blame it on the organizers.


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