Do You Think Bucky Raw And Christoph Will Do A Collaboration With Nigerian Singer Kizz Daniel?

Bucky Raw and Christoph

Liberia’s biggest artistes Bucky Raw and Christoph have no record together (at least none that we know of).

Although fans have at several occasions expressed their wish to see the two on a record, it has been left unmet.

We all know the rift that is between Bucky Raw and Christoph when it comes to music, these duo have never been on good terms in the history of entertainment in Liberia.

Fast forward to two days later, a huger, bigger surprise lay in wait. Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel, released a video on his Instagram, calling for a collaboration with both artistes, “Yo Christoph, Yo Bucky, fuvk you both! Get in the studio with me and let’s make some record. Liberia win, Nigeria win, One music.”

Several stakeholders within the music industry also added their voices to Kizz Daniel’s, calling for both rappers to drop whatsoever beef and release a song together, including Master Queen and Double H, both of whom were spotted in the video shared on social media along with Kizz Daniel.

The artistes have been having some differences for some time now, hitting out at each other on social media with their fans equally involved in inflaming the hatred.

When two top musicians fight, one would expect both of them to quickly find a solution to their issues. But this is not the case in Bucky Raw and Christoph’s case. Both musicians seem to have a thing for each other.

It appears the feud between Bucky Raw and Christoph will not be ending anytime soon as both stars keep firing shots at each other, after Kizz Daniel tried to resolved the dispute between them.

Since then, Bucky Raw and Christoph’s fight became one of the most discussed subjects on the Liberian media outlets. Many people secretly want the continuation of their feud, while others would prefer if they made up.

The social media war between the duo has also brought their maturity under the scrutiny of social media users, with many concluding that both sides cannot be regarded as a standard when it comes to maturity.

“Now if they can be strong individually in the entertainment sector, imagine them coming together and dropping a single, Mehnnn! This sure will be a banger.” One fan said.

Neither artist has a complete hold on either the “African” or “international” markets; What could be the reason for this unending beef between these two talented rappers? No wonder we have had to wait endlessly for the collaboration.

The two rappers were recently nominated in the category of Best Hipco Artist at the just concluded Liberian Entertainment Awards, and before now, there’s been territorial dispute between them aggravated often by their fans and followers.

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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