Does Stunna Ever Listen To His Old Hit Songs?

Stunna and Master Queen

Before we even dig deep into this question, you should have to understand what made Stunna a huge success right from the time he got his big break with Zoko Love featuring A- Raw. He tackled such strong topics that he immediately earned acclaim not just in the mass market, but across the social divide and age brackets.

This explains why he earned relative success ahead of his peers in the early days. His songs were so sensible for a man his age and in no time at all, the rich and mighty, just like the “ordinary” fans had respect for Stunna! He was an impeccable storyteller, who sandwiched strong messages at the heart of narrative, to the delight of music consumers not just in Liberia, but West Africa; and eventually Africa over.

If one listened to Baby O, they would easily think Stunna had been married for ages! He had just the right message for couples, spiced with the right examples, a sweet melody and the kind of flow that made it easy to sing to and gently dance along. He knew how to play with words, had a clear understanding of symbolism and imagery; all of which made his music the best dish for the ears. Lines from his songs became part of daily speech among Liberians.

Whether it was love or a social issue that Stunna sang about, he always had everyone’s ear. People would turn to his music in times of hardship, for he had a song suitable for almost every type of social predicament. Do we still have that Stunna? Did he succumb to changing trends? Does he once in a while, listen to his hits from the past for motivation, inspiration and rediscovery? Too many questions do arise in the heart of all this.

Truth is, with changing trends, Stunna has in recent years steadily lost touch with the Stunna’s of old! Lyrically and stylistically, there’s an obvious disparity between the Stunna of today and the Stunna of yesteryear. Those powerful words; the very ones that people would write at the back window of their matatus have since waned, slowly but very steadily!

That takes us back to our question! Does Stunna listen to his old hit songs? Has he deliberately forsaken that solid Stunna of yesteryear, for a Stunna that suits the times? Could his past works inspire him to reinvent himself and transform into a greater Stunna? He has been well managed by the type of team that can make such critical analyses.

Truth is, all questions aside, nothing would feel sweeter than a reinvented Stunna with a breath of some of his old style. That would be an even greater way for him to solidify his legend status. That would enable Stunna to reclaim his place in the hearts of music fans across the social divide and age brackets. It would help him rediscover the very aspects that made him durable and indomitable!

That comes down to him and his management. The onus is on them to review his past works and find points from which they can pick motivation and inspiration. Every musician deserves the kind of management that can make such crucial reviews, analyses and decisions and I hope Stunna’s management takes on that task and gives Liberian music fans a package of an even greater Stunna! Stunna is gifted, he has earned his mark over the years and can still have an even bigger climax.

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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