Call him an upcoming comedian but Ernest K. Jallah famously known as EKJ The Comedian is surely securing the future of comedy in Liberia.

Currently one of the hottest comics, EKJ The Comedian is climbing the comedy ladder with creativity, and support from fans. His entertaining, unique and well-thought funny acts have earned him a huge following both on social media and real life.

His trendy offering ‘New Game Enter Liberia‘ is a proof that EKJ The Comedian is the future of Liberian comedy. With 1 million views in just a day.

His most watched video skits include “Joeboy Alcohol Challenge“, “Fall in love Challenge” and “New Game Enter Liberia“. Most of his jokes have been described as educative and relatable by many of his fans.

EKJ The Comedian emerged as the winner of the Liberty Young Archivers comedian of the year at the 2022 awards night held in Monrovia. EKJ The Comedian beat other talented comedians to smile home with the prize.


EKJ The Comedian presence, masterful comedic timing and relatability have garnered him a loyal fanbase, as well as the attention of entertainment bigwigs.

EKJ The Comedian optimism and belief in himself are what the world needs, now more than ever. His voice is strong and seeing him at the forefront of his art is powerful.

As major brands around take notice of his brilliance and influence, the masses will finally start to consume and enjoy the comedian multi-dimensional stories.

EKJ The Comedian day in the sun is coming, and he’s ready to bask in the glow of the limelight.


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