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Ep Review: Home&Beyond By J- Slught

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Joseph Tah, popularly known as J- Slught has been a long-standing stalwart of the Liberian music industry. Although not as celebrated as few of his colleague, J- Slught has certainly not been in the shadows biding his time. With a local music history dating back to 2017. J- Slught has diligently been putting in solid work leading up to the eventual release of “Home&Beyond” Ep.

J- Slught’s first official documented release was in 2018 entitled “Don’t Jerk” and kicked off a career that has eventually culminated in the release of “Home&Beyond”. Along the way, J- Slught has attained many milestones in the build up to not only his Ep release but his career as well, which include winning the Best New Artist at the TunesLiberia Music Awards.

This Ep represents years of J- Slught diligence and patience and this is evidenced by the Ep opener “My Story” , which is a melodic and soulful celebration of achievement. J- Slught has been referred to as a double threat, being proficient in both singing and beat making. He has been behind the crafting of multiple hits.

The accompanying soundscape is handled by a bevy of producers, although majority of the instrumentals were crafted by J- Slught. All in all, with J- Slught’s background as a producer, you can tell he has a really good ear for beats, as not a single one of them seems lacklustre or misplaced on this project. It’s the standard stuff we’ve come to expect from J- Slught music.

It has been well documented how long this “Home&Beyond” Ep has been in the works, and this 10-track masterpiece is the culmination of all that hard work and patience. After several listens, I can safely conclude that J- Slught is not being facetious by naming his Ep “Home&Beyond,” it is well deserved.

This Ep was like diving into the mind of a young Liberian man and seeing various aspects of life through his life; with all the worry, fear, complaints, hopes, arrogance you’d expect from someone his age in 2020. It’s like a full course Liberian meal made by a young man who is a product of his environment and influences.

Even the good tracks outweigh the bad, and they are well distributed throughout the Ep, there are songs here that just sound like filler (e.g. It’s Alright).

The Ep is great, honestly. The good tracks are many and aren’t concentrated in one half of the Ep but are well distributed through the track list. It may be too long but not too long that it gets boring or very uninteresting.

If you have not already copped yourself a physical copy of the Ep, please find below a link for all the digital copies of the Ep below;

Ep Rating: 8/10

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