FACT CHECK: Is Bucky Raw Relocating to Liberia? - MusicLiberia.com

Liberian Entertainers Updates posted on their Facebook Page that Liberian Artiste Bucky Raw would be relocating to Liberia after his manager shared a flyer with a booking contact.

Bucky Raw To Relocate To Liberia


Liberian Entertainers Updates posed on their Facebook page that Bucky Raw will be returning home (Liberia) Soon.

The post reads:

”From the looks of things BuckyRaw Offical should be coming home anytime soon, his manager (King George) posted this flyer & said BOOKING NOW‼ if this is true, we are so excited for the good News & we can’t wait for the Trapco King to come home.

The post above does not conclude that Bucky Raw would be relocating to Liberia. The Trapco King could still be booked to fly down to Liberia to perform without necessarily staying in Liberia. It has also not yet been established in Bucky Raw is a Green Card Holder, Citizen of the USA, or among those Donald Trump has asked to leave the country.

Also, Bucky Raw has his Girlfriend and Child in the United States and would be difficult to come to a conclusion.



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