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Faithvonic and Da Vero Fight For Supremacy

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Female musicians are prone to getting jealous at each other’s success instead of supporting one another.

Over the past year, Faithvonic and Da Vero have spent a fair amount of time at the top of the Liberian Music Industry charts, with hit topping singles that have in many ways defined the course of Liberian entertainment.

Although Da Vero broke into the limelight earlier, Faithvonic later came in very forcefully and she does not seem to have dropped then.

Da Vero’s songs are usually very forceful, just as the energy she invests in performances and videos can be phenomenal. Faithvonic, on the other hand is very talented both on stage and in the studio.

Faithvonic started the fight when she took to her Twitter handle to throw shots at an unnamed person who according to her should keep the titles, why she handle the bags.

Faithvonic wrote: “Keep the titles and gave me the bags💵💵💵💵”

However, Da Vero thought the message was directed at her and wasted no time to react.

The awards winning Female Artist Of The Year took to her facebook handle to write:

“Give my crown👑
Nd keep d money💃
To make urself look beautiful😈
Pillz you getting me ehn💃💃😅😅”

It didn’t end there as Faithvonic went on to post a photo with captions which obviously looks like she was responding to Da Vero.

Faithvonic wrote: “Silent sheep wear your crown👑👑 ”

Faithvonic, along with other top females artistes recently congratulated Da Vero after she won the Female Artist Of The Year award at the just ended MTN Liberia Music Awards. But it seems things have changed since then, and both artistes have shared their dirty linens publicly.