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Faithvonic has potential to make it big outside Liberia

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In most countries, the male artists dominate over their female counterparts. Even in Liberia the discussion is always about Bucky Raw, CIC, Stunna, Christoph, or Kobazzie, who are all male.

But somehow, there’s a female artist who has managed to break that curse and that’s none other than the gorgeous Faithvonic. The songstress who is behind hits such as; Something Inside, Abstinence, Respect The Name, No Money No Voice, Ginger, just to name a few.

In three years or so, she has gone from an upcoming artist to one of the most of the sought-after artists in the music industry and if you ask me, that is a commendable feat because it takes most artists a long time to get their names out there.

The truth is that Faithvonic is a hard worker and this is evidenced by the number of tracks that she has released since most of us came to know her.

To add to that, I think she has a good team behind her, they are always doing their best to ensure that she’s not only the best artist in Liberia, but the continent at large.

Also there is the fact that she is beautiful, has a bubbly personality and her angelic voice makes you want to listen to her songs over and over. She sounds very pleasant to the ears.

Although it’s tough being a female artist, bearing in mind all the challenges that come with it, I think Faithvonic has the potential. If she continues at the same pace, then maybe, just maybe, she might bag a BET someday.

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