The entertainment industry is a veritable stage for the talented personalities of this world to showcase their God-given prowess through acts like comedy, modeling and acting both on the small screen and the big screen. One great talent who has effortlessly blended the world of acting and comedy successfully is Afro-Cuban comedian Faizon Love. He commenced his career in comedy at the age of 15 and is known from his roles in several productions like Couples Retreat, The Meteor Man, The Parent Hood, The Replacements, Blue Crush and Friday which brought him to the limelight.

Faizon Love’s Bio

His date of birth falls on the 14th of June 1968 and he was born in Santiago de Cuba, the emerging star spent his formative years in Newark, New Jersey as well as San Diego in California. He is Afro-Cuban by ethnicity and assumed the name Faizon Love as a stage identity though his given name at birth is Langston Faizon Santisima.

Faizon Love is the son of a US naval officer and thus grew up as a military brat. However, the identities of his parents and siblings have never come to the media light. In the same vein, his academic qualifications have never been reported though it is on record that he went to high school in New Jersey.

The famous actor cum comedian made his debut in stand-up comedy at the age of 15 with his first acting role following at age 19 which he accomplished in an Off-Broadway production.

He wasted no time in bagging a motion picture role on the set of Bebe’s Kids which entailed lending his voice to the character of the comedian Robin Harris who passed away before the commencement of production. After impressing the crew with a near impression of Harris’ voice, he landed another role in The Meteor Man with Robert Townsend in the lead, Robert later cast Faizon Love as a leading character in his sitcom titled The Parent Hood and the rest, as they say, is history.

Net Worth

Faizon Love has always shown signs of being a huge success right from his debut in standup comedy. Though his annual income has never been reported, his net worth has been pegged at an admirable $8 million by a recent review.


Faizon Love’s Wife

Unlike his professional life which is all out in the open, Faizon Love’s relationship history has continued to be under lock and key. No one is privy to information on his past relationships. While fans continue speculating on his possible gay status as the reason he is still single in his early 50s, the famed actor might well be officially engaged or even secretly married.

Facts About The Actor And Comedian


While the details of his general body measurements are not known, the famed comedian appears to have a weight problem. However, his height is listed at 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm.

Rise to Stardom

When he was still a high school student in New Jersey, Faizon Love took interest in performing before his class, he continued with the act after he got some encouragement from his English teacher. Upon graduation, he went to New York to seek work opportunities as a stand-up comedian. At age 19, Faizon landed an acting role in Bitter Heart Midtown – an Off-Broadway production with the Harlem National Black Theater.

After his movie debut which entailed providing his voice to Robin Harris character in Bebe’s Kids, the early 1990s saw him appearing in several low budget movies like The Meteor Man and The Parent ‘Hood but his portrayal of the character of Big Worm on the set of the stoner buddy comedy popularly known as Friday brought him to public attention.


Faizon Love has a natural outspoken personality which has often landed him into trouble but that has not stopped him from giving expression to his views on any matter that strikes his interest.

2014 saw him making several controversial tweets in the wake of Bill Cosby’s sexual allegations. Faizon threw his weight behind Cosby using some unpalatable profanities as well as racial slurs on people who were accusing Cosby. In one of his tweets, he dismissed all Afro-Americans who believed those allegations as spineless monkeys.

Legal Issues

Faizon Love was arrested in Columbus, Ohio on the 7th of March 2017 on charges of misdemeanor assault against a valet whom he purportedly manhandled at John Glenn Columbus International Airport. However, the comedian filed a not guilty plea even though the action was caught on camera.


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