A concerned fan has taken to social media to pen an open letter to the head honcho of (MEMG), Christoph The Change over his dwindling musical career and his failure as a professional artiste.

According to the fan who also gave a detailed analysis of Christoph’s rise to fame and how he has done little to ensure longevity, the rapper’s career has ended judging by how little he contributed to his music career in 2019.

The fan who admitted that Christoph has done so well for himself as an artiste, said that his (Christoph’s) season as an a-list artiste may have just ended.

The concerned fan wrote; “Looking at the recent trend of things in the music industry, it looks like Christoph is no more bad again as an artiste. Most especially in 2019, it feels like his career is going to end with the year.

“Christoph is an amazing artiste no doubt, he has done so well for himself as an artiste, has helped several people but it looks all that is about to become a history judging by the recent happenings, maybe it’s just that his season as an a-list artiste has ended.

Christoph came into the industry with a track titled ‘Polaruh’ featuring then label mate Margas, this track shook the music industry and he almost immediately rose to become one of the most sought after musician in Liberia. He gained mainstream success in Liberia after releasing the Hipco songs “Papay God,” “Heaven and Hell” and “Gbanna Man”.


He later got the name Bonnie Dust, he released songs/album and he became a household name in Liberia. Christoph, since then, has released hit songs back to back, has done several shows, raised the likes of Margas,Yung Muse, to mention a few, even after having so many artistes to look after, Christoph still got time to release hit songs.

“However, 2020 has not been a good year for the artiste, although traces of this were seen in 2019 but they weren’t so obvious as 2020. Christoph used to compete with the likes of Bucky Raw, CIC, and other top artistes but now, an artiste that just came up yesterday is being talked about and listened to than Christoph.

In 2019, One can count the amount of songs Christoph released. He only released singles that almost didn’t pass the roof of the studio where they were recorded.

“It’s not enough to do music, one need to have a concrete plan to enable him or her enjoy longevity in the music industry because so many artiste come up every day and there is a need for one to be strategic to ensure relevance for a long time.

“Christoph has enjoyed fame on merit ever since but has done little to enjoy longevity. As much as people want to dance, people get tired sometimes and wants to listen to something that has great meaning. But Christoph released some track last year and it was just short of expectation for some people

Some people had to unfollow him due to the content he was posting to promote the songs, he began posting himself naked and taking bath. People believe things like this should occur with an upcoming artiste who is looking for attention not someone who has gotten the attention already. Looking at this, Christoph might never recover from the death of his career, however, I wish him well,” the fan added


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