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Fans Roast DenG And D12 For ‘Wack’ Song

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Liberian singers, D12 and DenG are currently on everybody’s lips and it isn’t for a good reason.

The sensational music stars who has several hits to their credit are being slammed by many fans after releasing another version to popular song “Pose For The Photo” by Colorful featuring Takun J and Kpokolo Kpakala.

Since the released of “Pose For The Photo”, the song has drawn lots of social and political interpretation, but fans aren’t feeling the latest version released by D12, DenG, King Bu Ju  and Sir. Duke, with many already mocking them for what has been described as a wack song.

Fans of legendary musician Takun J, have descended heavily on both D12 and DenG. With fans accusing DenG of trying to use the popular song to revive his dead music career.

See some fans reactions:

Wack song of the year, photo remix, reply or whatever u called it. Pekin DenG u spoiled ur name mehn. Flex also stole the beat.🤔

No copyright©️
No industry
Everybody just doing their own shit
What they did was purely unprofessional

We’re getting to know the limitations of some artist…

D12 looking for attention and Takun J won’t give it to he, let he go set his bleaching ass somewhere and stop looking for trouble. Did anyone remix his songs, before he will remix someone own! Someone fooling he to look for beef on Takun J, but my young man you are wasting your time. Go tell the person that sent you say, you didn’t see Takun J!😂

D12 will not get his popularity thru this means.
We are watching

Hipco artiste, JB also shared his view which he described as wickedness done by DenG and D12.

Copy copy artists…
I’m disappointed in y’all..
How the fu*k y’all gonna remix someone trending song with out their approval?
What y’all wanna prove?
The guys creatively painted a picture that everybody can relate to.
They didn’t mention anybody’s name..
The song is an open topic and everybody love it.
Y’all na politicize the men em song just to get another favor
The fans might look at it different but we know the plans
This isn’t entertainment, it’s wickedness….