Who is husband of Ashley Caldwell from freestyle skiing? Is she even married? Let’s find out about her and her love life in this article. 

Ashley Caldwell is an American athlete and American freestyle skier.

Caldwell was chosen to the United States squad for the 2010 Winter Olympics in January 2010, despite having only competed in the sport for two seasons.

She was the event’s youngest competitor, and she advanced to the Aerials finals. Caldwell won her maiden World Cup aerials event in the United States at Lake Placid, New York, in January 2011, making her the youngest female freestyle winner in history.

Ashley graduated from the University of Utah with a Master’s Degree in 2020. (Salt Lake City, UT). I went to Blue Ridge Middle School (Virginia, USA).

According to her official Wikipedia page, at the 2017 World Championships in Sierra Nevada, Spain, she became the first female skier to land a quadruple-twisting triple backflip.

Learn about Ashley Caldwell Husband – Is She Married Or Dating?

Ashley Caldwell does not have any husband at the moment i.e. she is not married. However, there are rumors that power aerial skiing power couple Ashley Caldwell and Justin Schoenefeld might be dating.


However, Ashley has not revealed her relationship status to the public and likes to keep her love life private.

Know About Ashley Caldwell Parents And Family Life

Ashley Caldwell grew up with her parents in Ashburn while attending Loudoun County’s Hillside Elementary, Blue Ridge, and Harmony middle schools, along with Waterford.

As per her player profile in team USA, she was born to Mark Caldwell and Leslie Caldwell. Ashley is the eldest of four children, with three brothers and sisters.

Ashley mentioned in an interview, “I trained in gymnastics for a long time, but at 5’7″ at the age of 13, my mom noticed I was becoming too tall to become an Olympic gymnast.”

Ashley also mentioned that her freestyle skiing experience began when her mother Leslie Googled ‘freestyle skiing in America,’ and they ultimately discovered a camp. As per her, she has always enjoyed family life mixed with her career.

Meet Ashley Caldwell On Instagram

You can meet Ashley Caldwell on the official Instagram page with the username @ashleyskis93. Ashley has a verified account with 6.9k followers with 304 posts.

She usually uploads pictures of her lifestyle, her day-to-day life, brand endorsements, and her workout pictures.


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