Fullest 4 to sign with P420 Records

Fullest 4 PHOTO Source: Facebook

Liberian Top Bassa Rapper Fullest 4 is yet to sign a deal with P420 Records following his departure from former Liberian Vice President Son’s music group Black Entertainment earlier this year.

Fullest 4 revealed to MusicLiberia.com that he is currently working on couple of works with the record label while anticipating his contract sheet for signature.

When questioned on his relationship with Black Entertainment, he added that he is no longer with the label and he is currently working bigger to advance his life through music.

It’s reported that P420 Records is owned by a son of River Gee County senior senator.

Fullest 4 latest song “Welemongar” with the group is presently enjoying the airwaves as he is noted for his smooth Bassa flow.

The song talks about rich man and the importance of money in real life.

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Raine Tarka Golegio is a Liberian Journalist and entertainer. He's also a Fellow at the US Embassy in Monrovia, student of the United Methodist University, Producer at Freedom 87.9 FM in Monrovia Liberia, CEO at Tarkcess Music and Volunteer at Legacy Holding Foundation International USA.

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