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Henry Cele was a South African actor best known for his starring role as Shaka Zulu in the television miniseries of the same name, which aired in 1986. Well known in the football world as “Black Cat Cele”, a top “goalie”, Cele was cast as Shaka Zulu in a stage production based on the life of the founder of the Zulu nation.

This led to his being cast by film producer William C. Faure as Shaka in the epic series Shaka Zulu. International fame soon followed and with it came a host of roles in feature films and television series, both local and international.

Lead roles in television include a convict in Running Free, a killer in Letklaka, a detective in The Tangeant Affair and a business tycoon in the glossy Zulu series Ifa Lacwanthethwa. Features included Freedom Fighters for Cannon, Hold my Hand, I’m Dying for Jonomo, The Last Samurai, The Trackers, Lamborene, the film of the stage musical Ipi Tombi and the Paramount movie The Ghost and the Darkness.

After his acting career, Cele moved from his suburban home in Glenmore, South of Durban and went back to Kwamashu township. At the time of his death, he had been in the hospital for two weeks after being admitted with a chest infection.

Henry Cele Age | Henry Cele Parents

When it comes to his age henry was born on 30 January 1949 in KwaMashu, Durban, South Africa. As a member of the Cele family, he was referred to by his clan name Ndosi (Bavela KwaMthetwa), or Magaye. Cele died on 2 November 2007 in Durban. He was 58. The information regarding his parent’s names, occupation, and other family members is unknown.

Henry Cele Photo

Henry Cele Education

In his youth years, Henry was a very good footballer. Football remained his first love throughout his life as a South African actor. He continued to coach a football club till his death. Cele was a prominent goalkeeper for the Zulu Royals football club. His educational background is not disclosed.

Henry Cele First Wife | Henry Cele Wife

Cele was previously married to Tozi Duma with whom he had 4 children. Including a son named Khumbulani Cele. Their marriage had ended in divorce after 6 years of marriage. After divorcing Duma Henry married an English woman named Jennifer Hollander. The two never had any children. At the time of his death, Henry had been married to Jennifer for 10 years. The pair met while Cele was touring Europe and it was love at first sight.

Henry Cele Height

As an actor, Henry was an international star, performing in his native South Africa and in the United States as well. Cele was selected for the role of Shaka in the miniseries after performing the same role in a South African stage production of Shaka Zulu.

Cele was highlighted in the African American Jet Magazine (3 November 1986 issue, page 57) regarding his role in Shaka Zulu–The Mini-Series. He appeared in major roles in South African movies and television series programs as well as international films. Cele personality was very well due to his height. He stood tall at a height of 6′ 2″ (1.88m).


Henry Cele Net Worth

Cele, nicknamed “Black Cat” for his prowess as a goalkeeper, played for Aces United in the old South African Soccer League (SASL) in the 1960s. He also played for Zulu Royals(AmaZulu) soccer team in Lamontville Township and coached a professional soccer club in South Africa until his death.

On Saturdays, he played for Durity Football Club in the Commercial Football League in Durban. Cele was a renowned actor and soccer player. He earned money from acting and playing football. As well as, his net worth is 1.4 Million Dollar.

Henry Cele Death

Cele (58), who has been fighting for his life in the ICU of St Augustine’s Hospital in Durban, died on Friday afternoon. Prior to his death sources at the hospital had told City Press that Cele, who is renowned for his role as Shaka Zulu in the film Shaka, had been tied to his bed and was always drugged because of his violent behavior.

He was also kept in an isolated ward – away from other patients.

“Everybody including patients was scared of him as he shouted and used vulgar language. Last week a nursing sister nearly got injured when Cele kicked her in the abdomen causing her to fall to the ground,” a source said. The source added that the incident occurred while the nurse was trying to help him take his medication.

Cele fell ill complaining of chest pain in October of 2007. He stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks and was diagnosed with a chest infection, Henry died on the 2nd of November 2007 after 2 weeks of being hospitalized.

His wife, Jennifer reported that he had to be restrained on his bed before his death because he had become very violent. His sister, Ruth reportedly told the press that he was depressed because he was broke. Moreover, it seemed like South Africa had forgotten about him in his time of need.

The Memorial

His neighbor reported that he had become very thin and was coughing excessively when he was admitted to the hospital. A memorial service was held for Bheki Cele where it had been apparent that his ex-wife. His current wife did not agree with that. The wife said that the funeral was to be attended by only family members. Cele’s ex-wife Duma and her children insisted that Henry was a peoples person. Subsequently, all his fans and celebrity friends should at the funeral.

Henry Cele Movies

Bush Shrink (1988), Catambilo

Blind Justice (1988), Kamisu

Rage to Kill (1988), Wally Arn

Mercenary Fighters (1988), Jaunde

The Last Samurai (1988), General Zohani

Shaka Zulu (1986-1989), Shaka – TV mini-series, episodes 1-10

In the Name of Blood (1989), Pheto

The Tangent Affair (1989), B.J. Rickson

Schweitzer (1990), Oganga

The Rutanga Tapes (1990), Samaani

Killer Instinct (1990), Samaani

Curse III: Blood Sacrifice (1990), Mletch

Point of Impact (1990), Titus

Sweating Bullets (1990), Mosoeu

Deal of a Lifetime (1990), Mosoeu

Ipi Tombi (1990), Duke

The Ghost and the Darkness (1996), Mahina

Shaka Zulu: The Last Great Warrior (2001), Shaka Zulu


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