Music lovers in and out of the country, are concerned as they feel that the Hipco genre in the Liberian Music Industry may just fizzle out as its artistes are not putting in the work.

The local music genre is stuck to be honest. It’s not growing. Two years back, people were producing and releasing music regularly, but nowadays, hipco artistes are no longer releasing a lot of music which is worrying.

Hipco artistes are becoming fewer and fewer by the day. If they don’t want the genre to die, then they as hipco artistes must pull up their socks.

Christoph, who released an album titled “Bonnie Dust”, is one of the few remaining hipco artist who is trying to keep the genre alive as well as MLMA Hipco Artist Of The Year winner, Pascal. But, both artistes are yet to released chart-topping hipco song since the beginning of this year.


The Hipco music genre is known for its ability to constantly reinvent itself. A sound which was originated in the capital city of Monrovia, was taking over the airwaves and party goers in Liberia could not seem to get enough of it. Artists like Takun J, Chiller Coolnanee, JB, Christoph The Change, among others, are far from their best now than they were in previous years.

Now, many artistes are putting a new spin in the culture of Liberian music and they are creating a new genres in the music industry. Bucky Raw, invented this new genre ‘Trapco’, which has spread among local musicians and other top artistes including Revoluxon Rocky, Nuchie Meek and Barsee Mocopala Kiloda.

SOG Record artiste CIC, also invented his own music genre, which he describe as ‘Kolopop’, that have been welcomed by music lovers. And with Afropop now becoming the major genre in the Liberian Music Industry, its sad to say that one of the founding genre of Liberian music, ‘Hipco’ is slowly vanishing off the music scene.


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