HipCo Rapper Wulah Gan: “I Hate These Trap Hoes”

Wulah Gan: I Hate These Trap Hoes

Interviewing the rapper with his own style of music in Liberia called the Hip Co Play Time, Wulah Gan said that Trap music been doing good and for the present lot of these trap hoes turn up just to be saying one thing over & over & over again.

The rapper said that if trap rapper not use these words: tramadol, Codine, Weed, and Kicking for me then no trap rapper ever rap, I think there are still more words in the dictionary and around that can be use instant of these crap ass words.

Nonsensical lyrics

The most common criticism of the new generation of trap music is that it is lyrically lacking. Rap music allows for eloquence, mind-bending lyricism, and vivid storytelling among the best artists. But many trap songs feel like brand idolatry, hedonistic non-sequitur, and random, excessive cursing. While many of the songs are by skillful rappers, the songs lack content. They aren’t really about anything. Where first-generation Hip Co music offered great depth even when talking about the world of crime, the new stuff just glorifies drugs and partying without any examination. It’s fantastic party music, but it’s not good listening music.


I often hear complaints about the singing. There are many guys who sing almost as much as they rap, or rap in a way that blurs the line with singing. This is nothing new in hip Co music: from Bone Thugs, Real Nigga, NoyZ, Takun J and Christoph, there are plenty Hip Co rappers who have done this. But trap musicians often sound a bit too untrained and unpolished. The singing is melodic and catchy to some, but amateurish and grating to others.

Wulah Gan: As far as I concern I’m not like these Trap hoes. 

Wow! Wulah Gan came hard and I think we need to take a look at most of his songs and this his special style of music in our industry.


[New] Wulah Gan -Vibez [Prod. Dj Tight Eyez]

Download “Wulah-Gan-Vibez-Prod.-Dj-Tight-Eyez” Wulah-Gan-Vibez-Prod.-Dj-Tight-Eyez.mp3 – Downloaded 4363 times – 4 MB


Wulah Gan x Tito Gee – HipCo Playtime (Remix)

Download “Wulah-Gan-x-Tito-Gee-HipCo-Playtime-Remix.” Wulah-Gan-x-Tito-Gee-HipCo-Playtime-Remix.mp3 – Downloaded 1576 times – 5 MB



Download “Wulah-Gan-Hip-Co-Play-Time-Prod.-Dj-Tight-Eyez” Wulah-Gan-Hip-Co-Play-Time-Prod.-Dj-Tight-Eyez.mp3 – Downloaded 140 times – 3 MB


AB Lincoln Feat. AG Da Profit x Wulah Gan – Boilakay [Prod. DJ TightEyez]

Download “AB Lincoln Feat. AG Da Profit x Wulah Gan - Boilakay [Prod. DJ TightEyez]” AB-Lincoln-Feat.-AG-Da-Profit-x-Wulah-Gan-Boilakay-Prod.-DJ-TightEyez.mp3 – Downloaded 1720 times – 5 MB


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