Comedy industry in Liberia has steadily been growing and many people have been joining the game. But it is believed by most social media fans that comedians in Liberia, has failed to up their game.

Some comedian are here trying to survive through comedy, while others have concentrated on other careers. But most social media fans are getting tired of their recycled comedy.

One of the two, that created The Liberian Influence blog, Michelle Doe, made a post on social media that led fans to exacerbate Comedians in Liberia.


Michelle, made a post on her social media handle asking fans to name comedians that are not funny. One fan posted: “Ezypain, get hype on Chichipoly Room for no reason”. To make matters worse, another fan added that “Oh oh oh… We got comedians in Liberia? Didn’t notice because none of em funny.

According to Riches Kromah, one of the many that slammed the Liberian comedians, said that she honestly don’t think that Liberia get comedians. She even went further by saying that comedians in Liberia are not funny, but rather noisy.

The Liberian comedy sector has received lots of backlash from the public for not performing to the satisfaction of their audience.

Ezypain, was one of those comedian that fans had more to say about. Samilyn Victoria Nagbe, posted that the Liberty Young Achievers Awards comedian of the year, mostly copy other comedies video to shoot his video, while Nuch Roberts, stated that the comedian couldn’t even say a joke to make people laugh at the LYA Awards, after receiving his award for comedian of the year. Samilyn, also said that she would rather prefer him singing and dancing, than doing comedy.

Nobody can tell the Liberian Story in a comic way better than Liberian comedians, so focus on our acts and help us build a solid industry.

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