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After his successful performance at Echo Stage in Washington D.C, on July 2nd, at Wizkid concert, C Liberia Clearly reached out to the new afropop sensation, Tamba Hali to get some updates on his musical career.  The musician is popularly known for his successful football career with Kansas City Cheif.  But, let’s get the 411 on his second career, which is taking off quickly.

1. At what age did you realized that you wanted to become a musicians? 

Since my early high school days, I’ll say 14. I started writing lyrics in school with other guys that rapped. I sang in the church. I played the drums in church.

2. If you had to choose between football and music today, which would be your choice and why? 

It’s not a choice thing. They are both the same in their own light. I love them both and I could only serve one at a time. Music is forever. Football was a gift from GOD. Unfortunately football will come to an end. I’ll have to move forward doing things I love. I love the game, yet, music have been in me before I was even born. It’s runs deep in my blood line. My mother is a singer and a minister and she dance and my dad dance as well. I can only imagine what their parents were like and their parents parents.

3. What are some of the challenges are you facing as you embark on this new journey? 

So far everything has been smooth. We are currently focusing on branding and marketing. I can’t get on the road right now and that is a challenge because I still have a bigger fish to fry, with the patriots being the first team we play and open the season with. The second challenge being, how the NFL (national football league) receive my music as I continue to grow as a musician, while being I’m in the league.

4. What was your family first reaction when you told them that you wanted to do music? 

They’ve always known me for doing music. It was nothing new. Always was pleasing to them to hear the voice I’ve been blessed with. They knew it was going to happen. Maybe more as a rapper. I believe the genre Afrobeat fits me well. I also can Represent where I’m truly from. -LIBBOY-

5. What should we expect from you musically, within the next few years? 

I had the pleasure to work with efya, I had a chance to work with flavour and tekno, I’m looking forward to working with some of my native liberians such as Deng, Yung Muse, Bucky Raw and 2kee, to name a few.


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