Baka Ex, who frowned at his defeat to CanC still hovers around us. This begs the question “Is Baka Ex more deserving than CanC?

After the TunesLiberia Music Awards, the dancehall artiste reacted badly to his defeat, further stating he worked harder than any other dancehall artiste in the country, including “CanC”.

MusicLiberia cannot ascertain if Baka Ex made more economic gains than CanC but we can only establish and compare, with certain criteria to judge who is more deserving of the award.

Before the release of his popular hit single titled “Party Time“, the Money&Salvation act had bagged over many features and singles.

Baka Ex gathered rave reviews for his appearances in those features and his personal singles of course.

CanC, in a much smaller label, delivered approximately five (5) singles and two (2) features. From gaining relevance on the power of social media, CanC made a fine statement in the Liberian music industry after she released “Controller” featuring Speedo.


You agree with me that Baka Ex has more hit singles that CanC. Tracks such as Party Time, Thanks and Praise, Dancehall City featuring Millionaire, and recently, Keep Mi Higher have been received positively by music lovers all over.

Both Baka Ex and CanC are fast risers in the industry and have definitely proven to be forces to reckon with. However, CanC may have enjoyed the fame, but Baka Ex on the other hand, has managed to gain more impact than his fellow counterpart. Not to downplay CanC’s prowess but Baka Ex could only achieve this with talent and hard work.

Baka Ex has been able to release more hit singles which gathered rave reviews than CanC. Apparently, CanC is only enjoying the buzz from cheap publicity stunt and a couple others.

Last but not the least, regardless of what people may say about her, CanC has been able to command so much presence on social media than Baka Ex. The singer is constantly engaging her fans on social media thereby creating a constant stunts on her page.

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