Fans are wondering if CoryxKenshin is having a baby as the rumors resurface on the internet.

Cory DeVante Williams, better known as CoryxKenshin, a popular American YouTuber.

He first joined YouTube in 2009 and eventually started uploading gaming videos on the platform.

Cory got popular as a gamer on YouTube which earned him millions of subscribers throughout his internet career.

Many people like him for his honesty and openness and the way he expresses himself in an interesting way.

With an established connection between the YouTuber and the fanbase, many people are constantly curious about him.

In recent times, the talks of him having a bay have reemerged on the internet. So is this true?

Is CoryxKenshin Having A Baby?

Despite the talks, CoryxKenshin is not having a baby.

The rumors seem to have started for the first time in 2019 when the internet personality tweeted about not going to be a father.

Many people started talking about it and a few other YouTubers even clarified that he was not having a baby.

Fast forward to 2022 and the talks of him becoming a dad are still there.

However, there are no reports of him having a kid and the gamer himself has not revealed anything about it in recent times.


No such evidential photos or clues can be found as well.

Hence, all of these talks are only hoaxes and CoryxKenshin is not expecting an infant.

Where Is Cory Williams Now?

Cory Williams is thought to be at his home in Michigan right now as he is back to YouTube, making gaming videos.

He was born and raised in Michigan and is currently believed to be residing in the same place.

As open as he is, Cory decided to take a step back from YouTube after hitting the personal milestone of 10 million subscribers.

He did take a break and fans got worried if the man will be back on the platform.

To everyone’s happiness, Williams has restarted uploading videos on his YouTube channel.

Meet CoryxKenshin On Instagram

CoryxKenshin is available on Instagram with the username @coryxkenshin.

His account has more than 2.1 million followers and has made over 295 posts at the time of writing this article.

Despite having millions of followers, Williams is not verified on the media.

Besides Instagram, you can also find him on Twitter where has he has more than 1.5 million followers.


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