Recently questions regarding Gabe Kepler’s ethnicity as Jewish have been rising. We are here to answer your queries.

Born July 31, 1975, Gabe Kepler is a retired professional Baseball player who works as a manager to the San Francisco Gants in the Major League Baseball (MLB).

He debuted on September 20, 1998, for the Detroit Tigers for the MLB and played in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) on April 1, 2005, for Yomiuri Giants. 

Jewish Heritage of Gabe Kapler

Yes, Gabe is Jewish by birth.

In an interview with JHV, Gabe confirmed that he came from a Jewish family and held firm to his roots.

He was born to a Jewish family, Michael Kapler, a classical pianist, and Judy Kapler, a childhood educator, at Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Background of Ex-Wife Lisa Jansen Kapler Explained

Gabe and Lisa, born October 29, 1975, met in High School and began dating soon after. They married in 1999 and were together for 14 years.

During their marriage, they had two children, Chase Ty and Dane Rio. They filed for divorce in 2013, in which Gabe acted as his lawyer, where he filed for joint custody and support.

In an interview, Lisa has revealed that she was in an abusive relationship before meeting Gabe, who helped her come out of the victim mindset.

She also stated that she was threatened with weapons, guns, and knives when she desired to break up. The abusive relationship was only found out after her parents were woken up by her screams. 

Her then-boyfriend threatened her family when she filed a restraining order against him. She was living with her mother, step-father, and sister, Kristy, at the time.

Lisa Jane Kapler on Social Media

Lisa has kept her distance from social media and has not been seen using Instagram or other social apps.

In 2005, Lisa and Gabe founded the Gabe Kapler Foundation, which aimed to educate the public about domestic abuse and help women escape abusive and toxic relationships.

In contrast, Gabe can be found on Instagram under the username @gabekapler.

Gabe Kapler’s Net Worth

After retiring from his professional career, Gabe Kapler was a professional baseball player for over a decade and then worked as a manager.

He also signed a 3-year contract with the Giants becoming the 39th manager in Franchise history.

His net worth is estimated to be approximately $12 million.

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