Rachel Maddow is an award-winning American journalist, political commentator, and television news anchor. She is best known for hosting the popular nightly TV show The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. Prior to this, she hosted a talk radio program on Air America Radio from 2005 to 2010. As of now, the TV sensation co-anchors MSNBC’s special event alongside Brian Williams.

The popular television anchor is also a highly educated person as she holds a degree in public policy from the prestigious Stanford University. More so, in 2001, Maddow earned a doctorate degree in political science from Oxford University. The vast knowledge she has gained over the years has contributed to her much talked about liberal views and strong opinions on political issues. Rachel has never shied away from criticizing the actions of public office holders in the United States and this has not only gained her widespread recognition but she has also made quite a fortune from her endeavors.

How Much Has Rachel Maddow Made as a Television Host?

The multiple Emmy Award-winning media personality is among the highest-paid people on television with an annual salary of $7 million. It is no surprise that MSNBC was willing to pay her that much as her show (The Maddow Show) is almost single-handedly responsible for boosting the networks’ ratings with around one million viewers.

As of 2020, Maddow is regarded as one of the highest-paid television anchors in the United States with an estimated net worth of $20 million. Thanks to not just her television gig but also her other works that include writing. She is a New York Times best-selling author for the book “Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power.” Aside from her career successes and immense wealth, the journalist is also being talked about and admired by many people because of her sexuality.

She has Always Been Open About Being a Lesbian

Rachel Maddow is openly gay and is unapologetic about her sexuality. The charismatic television show host came out as gay a couple of decades ago as a freshman at Stanford University. She did so in an interview with the university student newspaper alongside a friend, Saydeah Howard, who was also coming out at that same time. The interview became famous at the time with the tagline: “the only two gay freshmen on campus”. It has also been reported that Maddow had initially revealed her sexual orientation in her dorm through a public letter posted in the bathroom stalls after hearing some homophobic comments. After receiving positive feedback and encouragement from other students for her boldness by publicly embracing who she was, she went on to announce it to the whole school.

However, coming from a staunch Catholic home and growing up in a very conservative community, made it quite a tough time for the young lady whose parents got to know about her sexuality via the college paper. She was literally ostracized and received minimal support from her parents. Nevertheless, Maddow remained unnerved and managed to keep a low profile. She eventually graduated from college in 1994 and proceeded to Oxford University for her postgraduate degree program after being awarded the prestigious International Rhodes Scholarship to do a postgraduate degree.


Has the Journalist Dated Men Before?

Although the political commentator has not in recent times been romantically involved with any guy. She claims she had previously gone out with some guys while in high school but that didn’t change her sexual orientation. She revealed that it was actually part of the frustration she had to face in trying not to offend her parents who were very religious people.

No details have been provided about the guys Rachel dated and as of now, you will hardly find anybody familiar with the television anchor that doesn’t know that she is gay. More so, from what we dug up, her estranged relationship with her parents has been repaired and they are in good terms.

Rachel Maddow has Spent Two Decades With Her Partner, Susan Mikula

Susan  Mikula has been identified as Rachel’s current girlfriend. We can’t speak to whether or not they have exchanged marital vows at this time. However, it is known that the notable television anchor has been in a long term relationship with Mikula who is a gifted artist and photographer famed for using outdated technology to produce her photographs.

Racheal beau was actually born in New Jersey on March 7th. She took a liking for photography at an early age and it is believed she had taught herself the art. She is also highly educated like Maddow as she graduated from Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts in 1976. However, it took Mikula a while before she launched her career on a big platform as she hosted her debut solo photography exhibition in 1998 after which her work has made it to several solo and group exhibitions across America. The acclaimed artist was even contracted by the United States Consulate in Mexico to feature in the Art in an Embassy program. Some of her works were bought over by the consulate for their permanent collections and she has further published a number of books featuring a compilation of her works.

How Did the Couple Meet?

With regards to how the lovebirds met, it’s reported that their initial encounter happened sometime in 1999 when Mikula hired Maddow, who was at the time working on her doctoral dissertation on AIDS policies, to work on her 2-acre pre-Civil War farmhouse in Berkshires, Western Massachusetts. The political commentator did odd jobs at the time to support herself and make ends meet and it was during that time, they started having feelings for each other.

After a while the two opted to go on a date to test the authenticity of their emotions. With the success of that date, they decided to start a romantic relationship and it has continued to wax stronger over the years.

Rachel shuttles between her apartment in Manhattan, New York, to Susan’s farmhouse in Massachusetts to spend time with her. The couple has also found a way to cope with the distance and the demand of Maddow’s job as their union has not been affected by it over the years. However, despite having been together for close to two decades, they haven’t made any marriage plans yet. The MSNBC news anchor reiterated that she is not a huge fan of the concept of weddings.


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