Music videos have always served to entertain and bring our favourite musicians so close to us that at times it feels like they’ve performed for us right in our living rooms. They also add to the success of a song and seal it further in our visuals-inclined minds.

The Liberian Entertainment Award is considered one of the best music award in Liberia since its establishment. The award scheme was created in order to promote and reward consistent Liberian celebrities irrespective of their genres.

Videographer Jackie Russ is one of Liberia’s most celebrated music video directors in his era, coming out as one of the young creative directors and entrepreneurs known for working magic with very little resources.

He took to his Twitter account to announce his nomination and urged everyone to vote and help bring home the award.

Jackie Russ, has lensed videos for higher corporate entities and music videos for great artists like Christoph The Change, C Jay, Teddyride, Faithvonic, SoulFresh, MC Caro, Stunna and many more.

Over the years, his hard work has earned him several awards and nominations with his recent one at the 2021 Liberian Entertainment Award.

We bet you will agree with us that we should give honor to Jackie who have led the music industry to greater heights through the preparation of excellent music videos that keep us glued to the screen for about 5 minutes of each hit track.

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