JB SoulFresh has a message for Liberian musicians who perform for free

In most countries in the world, especially Africa, musicians are always used for free with the excuse of giving them platforms to showcase their talents. This has however rendered many talents poor and struggling to cope with the expensive celebrity lifestyle.

Liberian musician JB or SoulFresh music group has waded into the situation with an advice to colleague musicians in Liberia.

According to JB, mosr musicians are poor despite having several hit songs because they are lured into free performances with the excuse of granting them platforms.

He went ahead to urge musicians not to fall themselves on promoters if they are not called to perform and rather focus on building their own brands and platforms to enable them have enough money to revisit the studios.

Read his full message below:

The cheapest commodities in the entertainment industry in the world are some Liberian artists. I called them Mary can’t say no… Reasons why most of them are hungry with all their hit songs and this has always been the major challenge for growth in the industry….
Y’all need to wise up, entertainment da money, don’t let no body fool you with platform story. We tired hearing it..
Build ur own platform and create your own job.
You need money to get back to the studio, you need money to upgrade your life. Popularity without cash is big embarrassment my frnd. If you are not called to perform don’t force it. Nothing will add or subtract from ur brand..

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