JB SoulFresh reacts to Bucky Raw – Christoph – Chiller beef

JB SoulFresh and Bucky Raw

Half of Soulfresh music group, JB, has shared his thoughts on the ongoing beef between Bucky Raw, Christoph The Change and Chiller Coolnanee.

According to JB, he’s not a fan of artists beefing each other but admits that there’s nothing we could do as it’s part of the music culture.

He added that, as long as it remains releases of singles to attack each other and no one hurts physically, it’s no problem.

In a Facebook post few hours after Bucky Raw released two diss songs directed at Christoph, Coolnanee and Henry Costa, JB hinted that there’s going to be peace at the end of the day.

Read his full post below:

#MyOpinion pls respect it…. 👇👇
Though I dnt support beef but it’s part of the culture..
These guys r grown up men. Let them handle their business. As long it’s bars for bars and no one getting hurt.
I’m not taking side, Bucky, Christoph, Cona and the rest of the artists are all my boys..
All those that know me know I keep it 💯 with all artists. I’m a fan of good music tho.
This is entertainment, after war there gonna be peace at the end of the day. Mark my word..
Just to answer the many questions in my DM abt the beef..
Thanks. JB.

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