JB SoulFresh terms Liberian politicians as bunch of “Zokos”

JB Soulfresh

JB of the group SoulFresh has termed Liberian politicians as bunch of “Zokos” which means thieves.

JB SOulFresh made this comment in the wake of ‘Bring Back Our Money’ campaign where Liberians are mounting pressure on the government to return a missing container containing money meant for the central bank.

Expressing his view in a Facebook post, the artist asked Liberians why they always glorify killers and criminals instead of calling them “rogues” because they brought disasters to the country in order to gained state power.

JB Soulfresh

JB Soulfresh

He compared the missing money of containers situation to the lives taken away by these “so-called politicians” and describe the upcoming results of the investigations as “zero impact to the country”.

It can be recalled that at least sixteen billions Liberian dollars and sixty millions United States dollars got missing from both the Freeport of Monrovia and airport belonging to the Liberian Government as investigations are currently ongoing in the country.

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Raine Tarka Golegio is a Liberian Journalist and entertainer. He's also a Fellow at the US Embassy in Monrovia, student of the United Methodist University, Producer at Freedom 87.9 FM in Monrovia Liberia, CEO at Tarkcess Music and Volunteer at Legacy Holding Foundation International USA.

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