Liberian promoter, comedian, and rapper, based in Minnesota, United States, Jodie Chizzle, AKA Jodie Kaba, gave an exclusive interview in which he discussed his efforts to promote Liberian artists in Liberia and the diaspora.

During the interview, when asked what had inspired him to host annual cookouts that bring together artists in the United States and Liberia, Jodie responded, “July 26 (Liberia’s Independence Day celebrations) used to be fun. It is no longer fun. So, for me, doing the cookout comes with a lot of good things. It comes with promoting Liberian music and bring together the best artist. A few years ago, I had both Bucky Raw and Christoph at my cookout. Last year, I had Kobazzie. I am just trying to put Liberian music up there man. I spend almost $4,000 to $5,000 on the cookout and make it free for everyone. Just for Liberians to come together.”

The charismatic Jodie Kaba then updated Liberian Music fans on his upcoming events for 2019. The Trapco Connect claimed that he will be hosting three events. “I will be hosting the Everything Compressing event in Phoenix on June 22, 2019, the That’s How we Looking event in Minnesota on July 26, 2019, and on July 28, 2019, Christoph will perform live at the after party in Minnesota. At the July 2016 event, the fans will see live performance from Trapco stars like: LIB Foreign, Pakanah, Dirache Rezz, Mazig, Myself, Jodie Chizzle and Edwino, among others.”

When ask how he gathers talented line-ups for his events, Jodie responded, “I want to get the pekin ehn paid, however, not everyone gets paid at the cookout. I invite the artists to perform so that the fans can see them and hear their music. The kickball and football games will bring people out. Only Christoph will be getting paid for his performance at the after-party.”


Jodie Chizzle also wants people in Liberia to be expecting a return to Liberia sometime at the end of this year. He anticipates a show in Liberia and expects to bring 5 artistes from the United States and 5-6 artists from Liberia. “The best performer will receive a cash price. I want the artistes from the United States to show to fans in Liberia that they are producing good music and so they should pay attention to them”, he said.

The Trapco Connect also indicated that he wants Liberian artistes in Liberia and the United States to work together. “If you listen to “Hennesy,” the song I did with StarMelod, Feouls, and Tito Gee. That’s why I am friends with Christoph, Margas, and others. Going back home to do business with those people is good for all the artists involved. I just want them to get paid.”

When asked how he intends to get these artists paid, Jodie responded, “all Liberian music should be released on a single YouTube channel. So, more people can view it and the artist can be paid. I believe this will happen. Additionally, Liberians show stand behind our artists and support them. If we don’t support Liberian music, it will not go anywhere. It is because we are supporting our music, that’s why artistes like Davido wants to make music with Liberian artistes. We have to lift ourselves up.”

Jodie was then asked how he intents to get Liberians back home to relate to the Trapco artists in the United States who some people view as acting “too American.” He replied, “I tell Liberian artists in the United states to stop acting like Americans with they want to connect with the Liberian community. I tell them to rap for Liberians because you must connect with the right audience to get paid.”


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