Jonathan Brugh Biography

Jonathan Brugh also known as Jonny Brugh, is a New Zealand comic, comic entertainer, artist, voice on-screen character, essayist, executive, and maker. He is well known for his work in 800 Words (2014) and What We Do In The Shadows (2014).

Brugh was conceived in Wellington, New Zealand. His family moved to Auckland in 1977, where he was educated at Sacred Heart College. He met individual humorists Jason Hoyte and Brendhan Lovegrove during his time at the Auckland Society of Arts and after that later finished a degree in structure and photography at Auckland Institute of Arts.

In 1993 Brugh made comic couple Sugar and Spice with Jason Hoyte and performed satire crosswise over Australasia with Te Radar and Brendhan Lovegrove who all moved toward becoming humorists together. Sugar and Spice were standard entertainers on long running New Zealand live comic show Pulp Comedy (1996–2001). In 1996, they won a Chapman Tripp theater grant for Best Comic Performance, and in 1998, they won the Billy T Award (1998).


Brugh is best referred to for his job as Deacon in What We Do In The Shadows, a film by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement. He has recently worked with Clement in the mockumentary Ashley Thornyke – A Work In Progress by Duncan Sarkies.

Brugh has featured in various TV arrangement including The Jaquie Brown Diaries (2009), ABC’s Soul Mates (2014), 800 Words (2017), and Watercooler (2018).

His other film credits incorporate What We Do In The Shadows: Interviews With Some Vampires (2007), the forerunner to the hit clique highlight discharged in 2014, Tangiwai (2011), How To Meet Girls From A Distance  from 2012, and the movie Waru from 2017.

His most recent element film, Mega Time Squad, was discharged in mid-2019.

He is as of now a storyteller in Duncan Sarkies’ radio arrangement Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium close by Jemaine Clement and performer Lawrence Arabia

Jonathan Brugh Networth

Brugh has a net worth in 2019 is $25 Million.


Jonathan Height

Jonathan’s Height has an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Brugh Age

Born: 25 April 1970 (age 49 years)


Jonathan Brugh Married

Jonathan Brugh relationship status is currently single and Brugh is notably skeptical about sharing his personal matters.

Jonny Brugh Interview

An Interview On One Of His Movies

What was the original inspiration for the movie? When we were all skinny, young, starving comedians, Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement had a couple of vampire characters in mind. They would tell vampire jokes and try to get any virgins in the crowd to meet them after the show. I  guess that was the origin.

Then in 2007 I went round to Taika’s house to shoot a short documentary called Some interviews with some vampires. We stayed up all night and we lounged around in silly costumes talking about what it’s like to be a vampire and generally trying to explain myths about being vampires. It was a huge hit. We all said that one day we would make it into a feature.

How tightly scripted was the film? For the entire shoot I was strictly kept in the dark about every facet of the story. I knew my character, Deacon, and I knew his energy and his fashion sense because those elements were me at heart. But as we shot, I would walk onto set not knowing what would happen. I would then just go with what sprang to mind. In some scenes you can see me just listening to Jemain and Taika wondering what was going on.

Are you surprised by its popularity?

Why do you think it’s been so well received? I am not surprised by how popular it is. The playful nature of comic vampires was always going to feel fresh because most vampire films are so desperately serious and baroque. The vampire genre was crying out for a good comic slapping. It’s the lovely way the dramatic seriousness is undercut by bland kiwi attitudes.

Has the response been different between the New Zealand audience and the international audience that you’ve shown it to? It’s been much the same all over the world so far. I’m about to visit Los Angeles so I’ll know more about how the fans feel there on a more personal level. Kiwi’s are quite dry people compared to Americans.

If you were really a vampire, which one are you most like? I would be Deacon, of course



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