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Jzyno Collaborates With MC Caro

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Musician Jzyno was recently in the studio alongside Hipco rapper MC Caro to do what they know best.

The two are set to teamed up on a song for the first time. It is not known as to when the song will drop into the public domain but from the look of things, it will be sooner than later.

When Jzyno made the announcement about the project via Facebook, it raised anticipation from the receiving end.

“I can’t wait, I bet they have baked a song and half,” wrote Prince David on Facebook.

Mercy Cooper commented: “When the great team up, the outcome equals their calibre.”

Jzyno is one of the most loved musician in Liberia with a diverse fan base. While MC Caro is popular among the youth, mostly among the female rappers. All in all, the two have instincts for producing good music.