Karishma Named Impact Maker of the Year

Top radio entertainer Karishma De Queen, has been named PAMOL’s Impact Maker of the Year.

Ahead of announcing it’s annual Person of the Year award on yesterday’s evening, Patriotic Movement of Liberia hailed Karishma and others who are committed to supporting the common good of their various constituents or social groups they corroborate or advocate for.

Karishma who had also bagged two of Africa’s prestigious awards during the course of this year — thanked the organizers in a social media post for recognizing her relentless efforts in combating COVID-19 with tremendous trade marks in the entertainment industry, roped with stern imprint in women empowerment.


In case you don’t know, Karishma won both the Africa’s Most Outstanding On-Air Personality of the Year , and Africa’s Most Charitable Top Celebrity 2020 from the Global Goodwill Ambassadors in Nigeria.

She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Her Royal Highest (HRH) Charity Foundation, founded in January 2018 with the aim of helping the Sick, Disadvantaged Children, Refugees, The Elderly, mentally and physically impaired individuals.

Mrs. Pelham Raad (real name), who have had a remarkable year, is also the first brand ambassador of the Aqualife Water Bottling Company, Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL), and Media Personality of Nicom Distillery.

Other notable winners include:

Read more about about PAMOL Awards here | www.pamolliberia.org

Written by: Thomas Williams Fomba

James Momo

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