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King Of Stinginess, Sarkodie, Says It’s Disrespect For Anyone To Get The ID Card Of “Stingy Men Association” Before Him

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King, Captain and Boss of stinginess, Sarkodie, says he feels disrespected and doesn’t understand why any man should get the Identification Card of the popular “Stingy Men Association” before him.

This is to tell you that Sarkodie has finally accepted that he is stingy and was expecting to be the first man to get the identification card of the newly launched “Stingy Men Association”.

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Sarkodie on Twitter fumed;

“What sort of disrespect is this … been seeing a lot of you guys getting this card before me like how ?”

Sarkodie obviously deserves the President position of “Stingy Men Association” because dude is damn stingy.