We shouldn’t be deceived by these foolish tours our Liberian Musicians can say they are going to do out of the Motherland. I am not saying that every tour that’s been done by a Liberian Musician abroad is trash but most of these artists just travel on visitation then they lie to us that they are going on tour. Kizzy W left Mama Liberia on the 24th of February for his 2019 USA Tour as if is 2018 Tour to the States was Successful.

We saw several pictures of Kizzy last year when he traveled for the first time at locations that could barely signify a tour, those pictures had the vibe of a family gathering or hangout. The Crazy part is he was practically living like a scavenger, begging his American based Liberian girlfriends for food and money to survive. Shouldn’t he have learnt from that horrible experience he had last year? But no! The King of Liberian R&B and Award winning Producer Kizzy W took off to the States in the name of a tour, but to his surprise he was held down by American Airport Authorities and narrowly escaping arrest after heavy threats of almost being locked behind bars. Kizzy W was denied stay in the United States because he had no concrete reason to return to the Land of the Benjamin’s. He told them he came for tour, but unknown to Kizzy W the American system is not like that of Liberia where it won’t take you anything to influence with silly excuses or bribe.


Kizzy W was shamefully sent back home to Liberia even after he pleaded and cried like a New born baby that just came from the Mother’s womb. Things won’t have gone this way if Kizzy W had proper arrangements for his tour and his music career. He shouldn’t have left SNG Records because that Label did a lot for him and covered his shame. Now without them and a well funded Label he is having a dying Music Career. Kizzy W‘s case is not as bad as that of Bucky Raw, Kizzy W still has the opportunity to travel to the United States of America if he has his life put together.

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