Kobazzie in London with Davido

Kobazzie and Davido

Davido shut-down London’s O2 Arena and Liberia’s Kobazzie was seen backstage with the Afrobeats heavy-weight.

The picture taken by the “Wonder Woman” hit maker showed Kobazzie along side Davido and others.

Kobazzie and Davido

Kobazzie and Davido

Davido, on January 27, 2019, rocked his sold-out concert at the iconic London O2 Arena in a stunning fashion.

Watch the video of Davido coming out on a floating stage here:

Davido described the day of his terrific performance as “the best day of his life” on his twitter page.


Congratulations!!! Your achievement will truly inspire other African artistes.

Kobazzie and Davido have been seen together on multiple occasions. Rumor is, that the Liberian and Nigerian are working on the remix to Kobazzie’s hit song “Bounce.”

Whether these rumors are true or not, getting to see Davido performance to a crowd of 20,000 at the iconic London’s O2 Arena will inspire the Liberian.

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