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Recently controversial news surfaced on the hitmaker Kobazzie not making hit songs anymore since he did “Drinks On Me” featuring the Cralorboi CIC when he was signed to Lyee Bility’s label Bilikon Ent.

Kobazzie honestly pose to be one of the most successful Liberian artist for 2017 because he had a successful UK Tour, performed at the NEA (Nigeria Entertainment awards) hosted in the USA when he went there for his tour that got canceled, he even appeared on the VOA (Voice of America) show and even was interviewed in Liberia by BBC Africa.

Wow Kobazzie seems to be doing the impossible.

These are all achievements of hit artist that Kobazzie can boast of cause been hit artist is not about dropping songs but networking, marketing and branding yourself. So many other artist have made hit songs that stay right here in Liberia and never took them anywhere unlike Kobazzie who had traveled the world.

So In a short interview with Kobazzie, he responded to the critics:

What do you consider hit song?  I did DAJA which was definitely a hit record and is still playing all around Liberia and the world and i was also featured on hit songs like “Love” with DenG and Salaado with CIC. These are songs that had huge stream in and out of Liberia. When your song play in Monrovia it doesn’t make you a hit artist.”

Kobazzie said as a hit artist he got so many songs because he literally sleeps in the studio but he’s careful and just can’t be putting out songs.

And one reason he’s been silent since he returned from the United States he’s been very sick.

But the good news is he will be dropping two new songs for his fans hopefully this month.

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