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Kofi Jamar joins #FixTheCountry campaign

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Ghanaian rapper, Kofi Jamar has added his voice to the ‘#FixTheCountry’ Twitter campaign which is geared toward holding the government accountable in fighting for better living conditions.

‘#FixTheCountry, the hashtag that started off as a tweet by just one social media user by the name Kaly Jay to demand for basic social amenities from the government has been turned into a whole movement as it has trended on Twitter for days now.

These netizens in a series of tweets in the past 48 hours have hammered on the basic problems that confront the Ghanaian youths and African youths in general.

They have appealed to politicians to deliver on their campaign promises to Ghanaians.

Wading into the trend, Kofi Jamar stated that Ghana, having paved the way for most African countries to gain independence from the colonial masters should set the pace towards development for the countries to follow suit.

“You know Ghana was the first black African country to gain independence, we influenced Nigeria and a host of other black Africans to fight for freedom too. If we get Ghana back in shape You will see the influence on all other Black African countries,” Kofi Jamar tweeted.