• One Kofi Boakye claimed to be the biological father of Kuami Eugene

• Kuami Eugene in response said the claim is untrue because he knows his biological father

• On Father’s Day, Eugene shared a photo of Alex Marfo and wished him a happy Father’s Day

Eugene Marfo, known in showbiz circles as Kuami Eugene has on the occasion of Father’s Day flaunted his father, Alex Marfo, and detailed how why his father opposed his decision to do music.

In the last couple of months, Kuami Eugene has been entangled in controversies as one Kofi Boakye claimed to be his biological father.

Mr. Boakye claimed in an interview on Kofi TV claimed that the mother of his son cut ties with him after he traveled to Akwatia in search of greener pastures.

He said; “Two years after he was born, I traveled to Akwatia to do galamsey business and that was it. His mother took him away from me. I never heard from the boy till today. At the time, there was no means of communication, no phone to call his mother so I stayed for a while and returned. When I returned, I met her family members and they denied knowledge of her whereabouts.”

In his quest to back his claim with evidence,’ Mr. Boakye said his son was born on Friday hence was surprised he was being referred to as ‘Kuami’ as though he was born on a Saturday.

“His real name is Frank Kofi Boakye. I don’t know where the Kuami is coming from because he is not a Saturday born,“ Mr. Boakye said while disputing claims he is availing himself because of money. ”I’m not after his money. I have not been rich all my life but at least, I’m not dead. I have other children. I have a son who just completed KNUST and a girl who is working so it’s not about the money. I just need to see my son; I need him to recognize me as his father.”

Kuami Eugene however mentioned that Mr. Boakye is not his biological son. He told the media that “I know my biological dad, I know my biological mother. I grew up under their care. Kuami has reached a level that once you mention his name, you get the attention you needed. He’s not the first person to have come out to say he’s my father. About eight people have made the same claim. It’s funny…”

On a day to celebrate and honour fatherhood and paternal bonds, Kuami Eugene shared a photo of his father. The said photo captured the father holding a microphone as he stood in front of a band.

The caption read: “Happy Father’s Day To The Legend Mr Alex Marfo. I get why you didn’t want me to do music. Because you didn’t make it in that area, there was a need to protect me from going to that area too. Buh thank God learning from you helped me correct all the mistakes you made . Live long Daddy, for all I have and will ever achieve is for both of Us. The Original RockStar!!!!!”


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