Liberia Music Awards: Why Bucky Raw can’t win Artiste of the Year award

Bucky Raw is arguably the most-sought after musician in Liberia right now.

The self-acclaimed Trapco king has been working tirelessly while in the U.S and has kept a better sheet since he got deported from the States.

The release of his to CS2 mixtape broke records in the Liberian music industry as it topped iTunes and Amazon World Charts. Bucky’s mixtape was first and only Liberian work to appear on the Billboard Charts.

Bucky Raw made so much news and got all the attention when he released a song to diss Christoph. The song could be said to be the most popular song so far in 2018.

With all the facts stated above, Bucky Raw cannot win the Artiste of the Year award at the upcoming Liberia Music Awards.

Why so? Bucky Raw was nominated in the category along with F.A, Kobazzie, CIC and DenG. Not having any female artiste or group in the Artiste of the Year category, one would expect that all those in that category would be the same in the Male Artiste of the Year category but the situation isn’t like that.

Bucky Raw, F.A and DenG missed out in the Male Artiste of the Year category and this automatically makes them losers of the Artiste of the Year award. This is because it would make no sense for one of them to win the overall Artiste of the Year and not winning the Male Artiste of the Year. The difference between the Artiste of the Year and the Male Artiste of the Year is that the overall artiste of the year is opened to all genders while the other is opened to only males. So whoever wins the overall is expected to win the Male category too unless the organizers of the scheme have a different definition for that category.

So the competition will be between CIC and Kobazzie. So who wins? CIC or Kobazzie? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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