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Liberian Artiste Mezonic sets record with over 1 Million downloads for his single ‘DAh LehVo’

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US-based Liberian musican Mezonic has set record as the first Liberian artist to get over one Million downloads for his single, Dah LehVo on a USA based hip-hop website Distribute Kings that distributes singles, albums and mixtapes.

Speaking, Mezonic said he feels awesome hitting a one-million mark. “This shows that America and the world is accepting African music just like reggae music. I’ve worked hard on my craft since 2005, so, hitting milestones like this is really like an icing on a cake. ” he said.

Mezonic added that this means so much to him because as a Liberian, he feels honored that American Djs, radio personalities, bloggers, and fans in general appreciate his Liberian accent music.

“I don’t have to sing as another nationality and my music is still loved by millions. The future is very bright for Liberian music. At some point, I would love to see even more Liberian songs accepted and appreciated by a global audience.” – Mezonic added.