Liberia Music Awards: Who will divide Kola? Bucky Raw wins Album of the Year over Christoph the Change

Fans of Liberian Music are still processing the events that took place at the MTN Liberia Music Awards 2018. The talented CIC deservingly won the Artiste of the Year Award (Congratulations) while other artists left empty-handed.

But just a couple of days before the show, the “beef” between Hipco’s golden boy Christoph The Change and Trapco’s King Bucky Raw escalated when Christoph released his much anticipated diss of Bucky Raw in response to “Open Casket” and other provocative acts from Bucky.

You can listen to the song here.

However, at the Liberia Music Awards, the fans voted Bucky Raw’s record breaking CS2, Album of the Year over Christoph’s Bonnie Dust album.


Album of the Year 2018

With all the buzz surrounding the music awards, what does Bucky Raw’s win mean for the “beef” involving both artistes in 2019?

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