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Liberians cry over content but demand ratchet music

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This would have to be one of those habits. Because let us face it, us Liberians always cry and belly-ache about our artists lacking substance in their content.

We insult musicians for not having quality content. The thing is, we still book these same artists, we insult everyday.

Take the case of Sammi Caine. Homie releases splendid music; beautifully composed and with a ton of content that is thoughtfully put together. He recently released “Jam” is a project that is so wonderfully done, it showcases his years dedicated to bettering his craft.

Meanwhile, an artist will release a song that is poorly produced and edited. And the radio airplay will be immense. As for the clubs, they will play the songs till you’re familiar with it. Why is that?

Few musicians touches on subject matter that is of interest and note to the international community, while most releases music that is of interest to Liberians. But Liberians gobble this shit up. And true to form, the more vulgar the Liberian songs, the more beloved they are by the Liberians audience.

You have to wonder why Liberians complain about the type of content they consume but they do not support the artists who do have awesome music. It has to make you pause for thought. And when you do, it makes you wonder why Liberians are like this.

And even when we look at music videos, you realize that the cheaper the video, the more beloved it is by Liberians. Meanwhile, they refuse to support the music videos put out by the very same guys killing themselves and racking up debt to ensure it is quality. At this point, Liberians just have to accept who we are, a people who have low disgust levels encouraging the output of what other societies would consider low brow content.