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Liberians Mock Aqualife Brand Ambassador, Karishma Over Useless Post On Social Media

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A section of Liberians have attacked radio personality and brand ambassador of Aqualife, Karishma over a useless post on social media against her ex boyfriend.

It all began when Floyd Nation’s CEO, T- Floyd shared a photo on social media kissing their daughter; and radio personality, Karishma described T- Floyd action against their daughter Royalty, in the photo posted on social media as abusing their daughter.

Karishma write: I am totally against Child Abuse in any form, I do condemn every “Father or Sperm Donors” that Do kiss their Daughters Directly in the Mouth…I do not support such act, Of which is inappropriate, unacceptable and is classified as a start of Child Abuse

A lot of kids gets abused due to what they accept at home/ learn from their Fathers, Mothers, Step-Parents, Uncles, Aunties Etc: Which at times even lead to fathers sexually abusing their own daughters by sleeping with them. Of which we hear and see happening a lot around us

The World is so Evil now adays that you can’t tell people intentions by what they say or how they present themselves..And to every Mother
Out there, please protect your Girl
child with every drop of your blood, prevent them from Being Abused in any form

#ProtectYourGirlChildAgainstAnyFormOfAbuse❌🚫 😭😭👏🏻

Multi awards winner, Master Queen was among those who were rattled in the wrong way and she termed Karishma as attention seeker.

See some reactions below;