It has been an exciting year in the Liberian entertainment industry, and it is about to get even better.

Liberian artiste MC Caro, is set to release a new single dubbed ‘Cinderella‘ off her debut album.

With some of the biggest hits in the industry credited to her, MC Caro is by far the only A-list artiste to have attained his status without an album.

King Caro the Album” is one of the most anticipated album of the year and promises to exceed the expectations of MC Caro’s fans across the world.

Now, ahead of her upcoming debut album “King Caro the Album“, the superstar drops off her first official single to satisfy fans’ thirst for more.

King Caro the Album” is slated for release this year. Check out “Cinderella” after it’s release and let us know if you’re looking forward to the new album.

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