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Master Queen Shares How Lockdown Brought Change In Her Life

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As they say, if life gives you lemons make lemonade. The media personality has found an opportunity amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis to make corrections about her life during the lockdown.

Being in lockdown has given Grace Weah, popularly known as Master Queen a lot of time to think about what is important in life and, spoiler alert, it isn’t your opinions of her.

The media personality took to social media recently to dish on the lessons she has learnt over the last weeks of lockdown.

She said that in the midst of panic caused by the pandemic she found what was most important, and encouraged others to take some time out to re-evaluate their lives.

Read below!

“ I have consider using some of my quarantine time to learn more about myself and my career options and it’s going well.
Here are some of the ideas that you can put your time in to while staying at home.


* Take care of yourself.
* Learn a new skill.
* Revisit that long forgotten project.
* Promote your work online.
* Think about career plans.
* Be nice to your fellow humans.
* Do fun stuff.. make yourself happy.
* Always stay safe and protect your surroundings and Don’t forget to take a shot or shots if necessary that alone keeps the brain active
#homestayideas #careerdevelopment #quarantinecareertips.”