The Queen status does not come easily. Master Queen has proven over and over she is the baddest chic in our music industry. This sentiment sparks a lot of controversy as most are quick to compare her with other slay queens, but we have got to admit Master Queen Is a cut above the rest.

Master Queen took to social media her new hairstyle, but I gotta say she looks good, though some people feel otherwise. Some would say she looks completely different from her usual self. Some comments were saying she is looking all beautiful while others were shocked.

Beautiful and different I think”, another social media user said. I know people don’t like change and this new Master Queen look is very different for lots of people to take in.

I will let you take this look in before I can ask this question… What do you think of Master Queen and her new hairstyle?


Master Queen along with Ambassador Julie Endee, celebrating International Women’s Day


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