Mazee Blanco releases two singles; ‘Sweet Punani’ and ‘I Neat U’

Mazee Blanco (aka trapco ninja)just dropped two diss tracks for Chiller Coolnanee and CHRISTOPH the change.

Based on information gathered from the camp of Twinky Gang musics, Mazee Blanco decided to join gang with Bucky Raw to help put an end to disrespect in the industry and also to the sub hip hop genre they invented (TRAPCO). It all happened when CHRISTOPH returned to Liberia after his tour in the USA and he informed some of his musicians associates about the trapco genre, which is rapping in Liberia broken English on a trap beat,so after that CHRISTOPH teamed up with Revolution the rebel and dropped a track title HIPCO Trapco, in which they send shots at trapco artists basing in the USA.

Fast forward after Mazee Blanco got released from county jail he got the news that Bucky was deported and that some other Liberian artists are sending shots at Bucky because of his deportation, few days after he got a call from Bucky and he was informed about the situation, but kept quiet on it and decided to let everyone be but unfortunately CHRISTOPH dropped Woomii and later posted a diss freestyle video from Chiller Coolnanee dissing Bucky, so Bucky did a reply with two tracks and also decided to get into the beef as a trapco team against HIPCO.

Mazee Blanco also drops two diss tracks title I NEAT YOU & SWEET PUNANI, with such beef going on a more artists and bloggers getting involved day by day we don’t see this beef going to a scratch anytime soon.

Mazee Blanco – ‘Sweet Punani’

Download “Mazee Blanco - 'Sweet Punani'” MP3-MASTER-SAT-DOWN-DEH.mp3 – Downloaded 5716 times – 7 MB

Mazee Blanco – ‘I Neat U’

Download “Mazee Blanco - 'I Neat U'” MP3-MASTER-FREESTYLE-.mp3 – Downloaded 6272 times – 9 MB

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