Mazzi Blanco Releases “Boogiemen”

Liberian Trapco Artiste Mazzi Blanco (Mazee Blanco), AKA “Trapco Ninja”, based in the United States just released his highly anticipated single, “Boogiemen” on SoundCloud.

The “Washing Season” and “Ziggy 4 FAI” hits-maker did not disappoint on this track. Trapco Ninja’s lyrics on the track are just like the title, they are scary.

With lyrics such as “I am rising on the haters like Jollof Rice,” “I hang out with Bucky, while men nehn straight running, I na Christoph,” and “Liberian pepo nehn learn to mind your baynay” the song might just be what the Trapco Ninja needed to prepare his fans for 2019.

The song is presented to us by GoodLordFamily and features BarsBrown and Kild. Trapco Ninja, the Twinky Gang artist told his fans to look out for BoogieMen in November as he and his team promoted the release of the song until it finally dropped today.

Earlier this year, the Trapco artist released a diss-track of Christoph and his crew in defense of Bucky Raw. Even referring to Christoph as “Christina.”

Chey, 2019 is already heating up and 2018 is not even over yet. Listen to the song below and let us know what you think!

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