MC Caro hangs out with Bucky after “Welcome To Liberia” tour at Semutanneh Lounge

Bukcy Raw and MC Caro

MC Caro put an incredible performance at ‘Welcome To Liberia’ tour and wowed the crowed with her energetic performance on stage, belting hit after hit.

MC Caro thrilled fans at one of the most successful events in December. The “Bring Our Money Back” crooner took to stage to perform a number of her hit songs, and she did not disappoint but rather gave more than was expected from her.

MC Caro, along with award-winning artiste C- Note put out a remarkable performance during the tour, sparking rumors of a collaboration between them.

Photos circulating on social media show MC Caro hanging around with Bucky Raw after the show.

Bukcy Raw and MC Caro

Bukcy Raw and MC Caro

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