The music scene globally has undergone a very steady metamorphosis over the years. This evolution has been even much more exponential in recent years thanks to the popularity and transition of music consumption from downloads to streams. This new dynamic has been particularly kind to indie artistes who can now release very quality material without having to go through the bureaucracy of record labels. One of such artistes to benefit from this shift in attitudes is Ghanaian singer-songwriter, Mr. S.

Often conflicted in his own thoughts, Mr. S expresses how his music journey has stuttered over the years due to the pain of missing out on near-successes. In the formative days of his career, the Soloist experimented with a genre he wanted to call ‘’Sang Poems’’ – an adaption of spoken word but in this sense with crooning.

‘’I always felt I had a calling to do something unique. Before anything, I am a writer first. Initially, I believed I could coin a style that was simply poems sang out on a beat without following conventional music progressions’’, Mr. S commenting on the birthing phase of his music journey. He was able to achieve this on two songs namely ‘Seasons’ (A Sang Poem) and ‘Perfect Day’ (Offeibea) – an ode turned song he wrote for his then-girlfriend. The reception to that phase of his music was mixed. For most it was clear to see the depth and quality of his lyricism, storytelling and silky vocals. There were others who felt the style just didn’t work.


Mr. S accepted all reviews in great stride, although he had to take an extended timeout from music. 2020 would bring Mr. S back in the game with a bang. ‘’I hate that it had to take a pandemic to remind me but seeing everything happening in the world was a huge wake-up call. It finally hit me that life truly is short and if there is something you love doing, there is no excuse in refusing to’’ – this epiphany coupled with persuasion from some concerned fans would prove to be the turning point.

Mr. S dropped the fan favourite contemporary RnB classic ‘Explosions’ in August 2020. ‘Explosions’ is a sensual masterpiece. A song that beautifully recounts an intimate moment between lovers. He says the lovemaking encounter expressed in the song is the type that can only happen between two people who are thoroughly dedicated to pleasing each other. After the overwhelming support ‘Explosions’ received, Mr. S went on to drop two more singles ‘Hey’ and ‘Blue Days’ (Autumn Interlude) capping off 2020 with three strong singles that will certainly keep listeners ‘’orgasmically’’ occupied and yearning for more.

‘’These three singles were just to test the waters and I have been very pleased with the reception. The goal is to get them to as many ears as possible as I work on completing my EP. Hopefully, I can put out a few more singles soon before the EP comes out’’, Mr. S said about his three singles and works on the debut EP he plans on releasing in the first quarter of 2021.


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